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- About Me -


About Me

Hello, I'm Chrissy Gray, a professional natural health practitioner dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to wellness. I've dedicated myself to natural health, offering herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, iridology, reflexology, reiki, intuitive guidance, and Indian head massage. Recognizing the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, I blend therapies for holistic healing. With a passion for nutritious recipes, I create custom nutrition programmes harnessing nature's healing power. Understanding the demands of motherhood, I specialize in supporting busy moms to regain control of their health for a fulfilling family life. Embracing the uniqueness of each individual, I tailor treatment programmes and herbal remedies to meet your specific needs.







Nature - Body - Spirit

In my practice, I've witnessed the profound interconnectedness of body and mind, where healing in one area can positively impact the other. I delight in using the power of nature to do this, by crafting nutritious recipes for tailored nutrition programmes, drawing from nature's healing bounty of herbs and foods rich in vital nutrients and compounds. Recognising the significance of gut health, I utilise wholesome foods, herbs, and probiotics to address digestive concerns, mindful of the gut-brain connection's influence on mood, memory, and anxiety. I also offer relaxing treatments like reiki, Indian head massage, and reflexology, which effectively soothe an anxious stomach and promote digestive wellness.

- How I Work -

Herbs and Nutrition

I'm here to do more than just heal you—I want to see you thrive. It's rewarding when patients return with not only their original issue resolved but also newfound wellness. My aim is for you to exude health, feel empowered, and embrace life enthusiastically.

As your health and wellness guide, I'll educate you about your body and its connection to your well-being. I'll provide continuous support and monitoring, checking in regularly to address any needs. During our initial meeting, we'll confidentially discuss your diet, lifestyle, and medical history. Following our session, you'll receive a personalised treatment plan. I recommend implementing the recommendations for 3-4 weeks before we review your progress together.

Duration: 1 hour

- My Qualifications and Experience -

30 Years of Experience

  •  Co-founder of the Arjuna Clinic for Complementary Therapies

  • Mother of two

  • Teacher at workshops and evening classes

  • Frequent appearances in the local media


  • Master Herbalist 1993,

  • Naturopathic Iridologist 1994,

  • Reflexologist 1995,

  • Reiki Master 1999,

  • Nutritional Therapist 2005,

  • Indian Head Massage 2022.

My Teachers/Mentors

  • Dr Richard Schulze,

  • Jill Davies,

  • Kitty Campion,

  • Christopher Hobbs,

  • Adam Jackson,

  • Suzanne Reed Le-Quesne

Restore balance to your mind, body, and soul

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