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- My In-Person Offerings -

Step into my tranquil space and experience the transformative benefits of in-person sessions. With personalised care and hands-on techniques, you'll find relief from stress, deeper relaxation, and a renewed sense of vitality. Reap the benefits of deeper connection, tailored treatments, and a warm, supportive environment dedicated to your well-being, that only face-to-face sessions can provide. Let's embark on your holistic wellness journey together.

In-Person Treatments

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Rosemary Cosmetics


Reflexology Therapy




Embrace the healing power of food as medicine with personalised nutritional guidance. Through assessment, I'll create a tailored treatment programme featuring nutrient-rich foods, superfoods, and quality supplements to enhance vitality, energy levels, digestion, sleep quality, skin health, mood balance, weight management, and hormonal harmony.


Experience the potency of herbal medicine, tailored to your unique health requirements in convenient liquid tincture form. Enjoy benefits such as enhanced energy, boosted immunity, respiratory and digestive healing, hormonal balance, stress and anxiety reduction, radiant skin, pain relief, and smoother menstruation and menopause transitions.


Indulge in an hour of bliss with a reflexology foot massage, enhanced with pure essential oils. Using specialised finger and thumb techniques, I target reflex points to promote deep relaxation, leaving you feeling weightless and serene. Experience relief from pain, muscle tension, anxiety, detoxification, improved sleep, enhanced fertility, hormone balance, and pregnancy support.




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Reiki healing offers a profound reset, restoring balance and harmony within your physical and subtle bodies by clearing blocked energies. Experience a renewed sense of lightness, optimism, and deep peace, alongside benefits such as relaxation, detoxification, heightened physical and spiritual energy, pain relief, and mental clarity.


Discover the intricacies of your health through iridology, where your iris colors and markings are examined using magnifying torchlight and photography. Uncover insights into inflammation, toxins, and acidity in organs and tissues, enabling proactive measures to address potential health issues before they manifest physically.

Indian Head Massage

Experience pure tranquility with this massage, designed to evoke feelings of bliss and serenity. Using traditional techniques and gentle pressure on key energy points, we target the neck, shoulders, head, and face, offering relief from stress, headaches, sinus issues, eye strain, and muscle tension, while promoting deep relaxation and enhanced energy levels.

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Jan Carver, Reiki Student

"I thoroughly recommend Chrissy as a reiki instructor. She is friendly and calm, and is clear in her instruction. She answered all my questions, and followed up after both attunements. I look forward to studing further with her in the future!"
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