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Iridology, the study of analysing the colours and patterns within the iris of the eye, offers a unique perspective on health assessment. By closely examining the iris, we can uncover valuable insights into your constitutional strengths and weaknesses, serving as a roadmap for optimal health. This non-invasive approach allows us to identify potential health issues, such as acidity, toxicity, or weakened areas within the body organs and tissues, before they manifest as physical ailments.

What happens in a session?

During your Iridology session, I'll begin by using a magnifying torch and light to examine your eyes, determining your main iris constitution. Following this, I'll photograph your eyes for detailed analysis of the iris markings, colours, and their correlation to your health. This thorough examination is conducted after the session to ensure precision and accuracy. Subsequently, you'll be invited for a follow-up consultation where I'll explain my findings in detail.


Iridology serves as a powerful tool in identifying the root causes of health issues, offering a painless and non-invasive approach to health assessment. With the entire body reflected in the iris, Iridology provides a holistic understanding of your physical well-being, enabling you to recognize your body's strengths and weaknesses. By identifying potential illnesses before they manifest physically, Iridology empowers you to take proactive measures for prevention. Moreover, Iridology allows for personalized treatment tailored to your specific health needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wellness. Experience the transformative potential of Iridology and embark on a journey towards optimal health and vitality.

Reiki Treatment

Explore the Art and Science of Iridology: Unveiling Your Health through Your Eyes


Discover the intricacies of your health through iridology, where your iris colours and markings are examined using magnifying torchlight and photography. Uncover insights into inflammation, toxins, and acidity in organs and tissues, enabling proactive measures to address potential health issues before they manifest physically.



Tash Sabbah

“I have been taking Chrissy’s tinctures for my thyroid and liver since August 2011 and have been following her diet plan(although admitttedly not religiously). I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in about 20 years and have now have energy levels that I always hoped for ever since my teenage years."

Tina Shah

"I had problems with inflammation for 11 years and had tried everything. Chrissy convinced me to change to a more alkaline, vegetarian diet which had a remarkable effect. Through Chrissy’s expert knowledge and deep understanding of food and nutrition I have continued to improve my diet."

Jen Hurst

“Your reiki and reflexology also provided much needed relaxation and healing in the first 6 months after the birth. I would highly recommend Chrissy to any woman planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby or already a Mother, her therapies help solve short term problems and help you manage your health for the better in the longterm.”
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