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Experience the transformative power of Reiki, an ancient Japanese practice of hands-on energy healing. As a Reiki practitioner, I serve as a conduit for this universal life force energy, gently channeling it to you through the palms of my hands. Your body's innate healing mechanisms then utilise this energy to promote optimal well-being and balance.

Reiki sessions are beneficial for both physical and emotional health, offering relief from stress, anxiety, and depression while enhancing overall vitality. Even if you're not experiencing any specific ailments, a Reiki treatment can still leave you with a profound sense of peace and harmony.

What happens in a session?

For those seeking profound healing and transformation, this extended treatment offers deep cleansing of energy blocks at the chakras and energy field. Experience a heightened sense of relaxation and well-being as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.


Benefits of Reiki abound, including stress reduction, enhanced mood, increased energy, pain relief, mental clarity, and improved sleep. It promotes detoxification, speeds up healing processes, and fosters a profound sense of harmony within both your physical and subtle bodies.

Reiki Treatment

Embark on your nutritional therapy journey and unlock the potential for vibrant health and vitality.


Reiki healing offers a profound reset, restoring balance and harmony within your physical and subtle bodies by clearing blocked energies. Experience a renewed sense of lightness, optimism, and deep peace, alongside benefits such as relaxation, detoxification, heightened physical and spiritual energy, pain relief, and mental clarity.



Tash Sabbah

“I have been taking Chrissy’s tinctures for my thyroid and liver since August 2011 and have been following her diet plan(although admitttedly not religiously). I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in about 20 years and have now have energy levels that I always hoped for ever since my teenage years."

Tina Shah

"I had problems with inflammation for 11 years and had tried everything. Chrissy convinced me to change to a more alkaline, vegetarian diet which had a remarkable effect. Through Chrissy’s expert knowledge and deep understanding of food and nutrition I have continued to improve my diet."

Jen Hurst

“Your reiki and reflexology also provided much needed relaxation and healing in the first 6 months after the birth. I would highly recommend Chrissy to any woman planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby or already a Mother, her therapies help solve short term problems and help you manage your health for the better in the longterm.”
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