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Unlock the natural healing potential of herbal medicine, where Mother Nature's bounty offers potent yet gentle remedies to address a myriad of health concerns. Harnessing the power of healing plants, herbal medicine provides safe and effective solutions for both common ailments and chronic conditions. Herbs, when administered in the correct dosage, act swiftly to restore health by removing toxins, enhancing immunity, and supplying essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Utilising various parts of plants and trees—leaves, flowers, roots, berries, seeds, and barks—herbal remedies come in diverse forms such as tea infusions, decoctions, tinctures, powders, creams, and syrups. Each herb carries specific properties tailored to target various bodily systems; for instance, Dandelion supports liver and kidney health, while Echinacea bolsters the immune system.

What happens in a session?

During your herbal medicine appointment, our initial 60-minute consultation will delve into your health history, lifestyle choices, and dietary habits. Following our discussion, I'll provide customised herbal remedies in the form of liquid tinctures, carefully selected to meet your unique needs. These tinctures are not only easy to use but also swiftly absorbed into the bloodstream for rapid efficacy. Additionally, I'll maintain regular check-ins every fortnight to monitor your progress and adjust treatment as needed.


Experience the holistic benefits of herbal medicine, including increased energy and vitality, strengthened immunity, improved digestion, accelerated wound healing, hormonal balance, anxiety reduction, enhanced circulation, lymphatic cleansing, radiant skin, pain relief, and fortified bones.

Citrus Fruits

Embrace the healing wisdom of nature and embark on a journey towards optimal well-being.

Herbal Medicine

Experience the potency of herbal medicine, tailored to your unique health requirements in convenient liquid tincture form. Enjoy benefits such as enhanced energy, boosted immunity, respiratory and digestive healing, hormonal balance, stress and anxiety reduction, radiant skin, pain relief, and smoother menstruation and menopause transitions.



Tash Sabbah

“I have been taking Chrissy’s tinctures for my thyroid and liver since August 2011 and have been following her diet plan(although admittedly not religiously). I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in about 20 years and have now have energy levels that I always hoped for ever since my teenage years."

Tina Shah

"I had problems with inflammation for 11 years and had tried everything. Chrissy convinced me to change to a more alkaline, vegetarian diet which had a remarkable effect. Through Chrissy’s expert knowledge and deep understanding of food and nutrition I have continued to improve my diet."

Jen Hurst

“Your reiki and reflexology also provided much needed relaxation and healing in the first 6 months after the birth. I would highly recommend Chrissy to any woman planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby or already a Mother, her therapies help solve short term problems and help you manage your health for the better in the longterm.”
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