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Embark on a holistic approach to nutrition with Online Nutrition, where food becomes your medicine and vitality is within reach. As a Nutritional Therapist, I prioritise assessing your unique health needs and nutritional deficiencies, crafting personalised recommendations using nutrient-rich whole foods, superfoods, and premium supplements. Additionally, I may suggest naturopathic remedies, gentle fasting, and lifestyle adjustments, all aimed at optimising your well-being and fostering a diverse, nourishing diet.

What Happens During an Online Nutrition Consultation?

During our online nutrition sessions, we'll connect via a video-call platform like Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp. Our initial session, spanning approximately 75-90 minutes, will involve a comprehensive assessment of your medical history, lifestyle, and dietary habits. Based on this information, I'll create a tailored treatment plan encompassing dietary changes, incorporation of superfoods, high-quality supplements, and potentially herbal medicines. Subsequently, our second session will delve into the treatment plan details, providing you with recipes, supplement links, and ongoing support via phone, email, or text. Following the session, I recommend implementing my recommendations for 3-4 weeks before scheduling a review to assess progress.


Experience a wealth of benefits with online nutrition, including enhanced health resilience, strengthened immunity, improved digestion, accelerated healing potential, nervous system relaxation, enhanced sleep quality, relief from food sensitivities, intolerances, allergies, skin conditions, and hormone balance. Online nutrition offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, empowering you to thrive from the inside out.

Citrus Fruits

Unlock Your Wellness Potential with Online Nutrition: Empowering Your Journey to Vibrant Health

Online Nutrition

Embrace the healing power of food as medicine with personalised nutritional guidance. Through assessment, I'll create a tailored treatment program featuring nutrient-rich foods, superfoods, and quality supplements to enhance vitality, energy levels, digestion, sleep quality, skin health, mood balance, weight management, and hormonal harmony.



Tash Sabbah

“I have been taking Chrissy’s tinctures for my thyroid and liver since August 2011 and have been following her diet plan(although admittedly not religiously). I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in about 20 years and have now have energy levels that I always hoped for ever since my teenage years."

Tina Shah

"I had problems with inflammation for 11 years and had tried everything. Chrissy convinced me to change to a more alkaline, vegetarian diet which had a remarkable effect. Through Chrissy’s expert knowledge and deep understanding of food and nutrition I have continued to improve my diet."

Jen Hurst

“Your reiki and reflexology also provided much needed relaxation and healing in the first 6 months after the birth. I would highly recommend Chrissy to any woman planning a pregnancy, expecting a baby or already a Mother, her therapies help solve short term problems and help you manage your health for the better in the longterm.”
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